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The Ramp Champ Series II: our newest model that creates either a tapered safety edge or a longitudinal center lane joint. Pictured above "safety edge shoe."

Learn more about solving the edge drop-off safety concern by using ADVANT-EDGE Paving products

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We design and sell specialty road paving equipment to help paving contractors build better and safer roads. With years of engineering and product development experience in road construction, we are Best Replica Watches well-positioned to provide the paving industry with the newest and best technology. Our proprietary designs incorporate three patents and they meet published government specifications with respect to safety edge construction. We are listed as an approved vendor of the FHWA and all states with such lists.

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Our product attaches easily to nearly any standard screed extension and shapes the edge of the pavement to a 30° tapered angle thereby eliminating the problem of vertical edge drop-off The unit is also designed to automatically adjust to changes in shoulder elevations (i.e. driveways) so that contractors do not have to slow or alter their paving operation. We also offer the only product that is "reversible" can be flipped over so that it may be attached to either side of the paving machine No need to buy a left hand and right hand pair!


Its use of compaction surfaces and radial forces create a stronger and more structurally stable edge. The slope of the safety edge is adjustable from 0° to 30° and its forming shoes are detachable which permits the same unit to create a variety of edge profiles. When a shoe wears out just replace the shoe and not the entire unit!

The Federal Highway Administration endorses the "Safety Edge" concept as a proven means of reducing highway accidents. To read more about their findings and suggestions for road construction click here

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