Ramp Champ Series II

Technical innovation has led to our new, next generation product: the Ramp Champ Series II. It is capable of producing a variety of road edge profiles that meet the requirements of two different paving challenges:

  1. The tapered 30º safety edge designed to make our highways safer by reducing the number of "run-off" accidents.
  2. The longitudinal center lane joint enables paving crews to create an edge somewhat similar to the "Michigan Notch Wedge Joint" to be used when paving the first of two adjacent highway lanes.  This edge will enable the second lane to "bind" with the first lane thereby creating a stronger and longer lasting seam.

The Ramp Champ Series II in Action

The Ramp Champ Series II is reversible there is no need to purchase a left side and right side model as is the case with our competitors. With Advant-Edge Paving Equipment, it is buy one and it will perform on both sides of the paving machine. This model also comes with detachable shoes... when a shoe wears out, just replace the shoe, not the whole unit!

Assembly and Installation Instructions

Our unit is designed to automatically follow the shoulder elevation. When paving begins, the unit is set to the correct (or lowest) level shoulder height. As the paver moves forward, the Ramp Champ Series II shoe will rise and flatten out the slope of the edge when it encounters higher shoulder levels (say for driveways). When the shoulder level returns to its normal level, the shoe will automatically rotate and fall back to its original slope and height setting.

State and federal specifications being written for safety edges are aimed at creating a 30º slope. In some cases it may be advantageous to create a slightly flatter slope that takes into account a rolling pattern that later tends to increase the slope angle by several degrees. To a large extent creating an edge of 30º after rolling is as much art as science, but the Ramp Champ Series II provides the operator with the flexibility to control the final slope angle. The slope setting of this unit may be changed in the field and set in a range from 0º to 30º.

The Ramp Champ Series II is fitted with shoes that create the desired edge profile. The shoes are detachable by the operator so a Ramp Champ Series II being used as a safety edge maker can be transformed quickly into a longitudinal center lane joint maker.

The safety edge shoe has two forming surfaces. The leading surface is at an angle to the direction of travel and "funnels" the asphalt to aid compaction. The trailing surface is in line with the direction of travel. It acts as a trowel to smooth the surface and also as the surface which transmits the radial force thereby increasing compaction of the edge. The Safety Edge Shoe is designed to create an edge up to a maximum vertical drop of 5".

The longitudinal center lane joint shoe is slightly more complex. It creates a profile similar to what is commonly referred to as a "Michigan Notch Wedge Joint." It has an upper vertical face where the edge meets the pavement mat surface, a tapered face (with an added groove in it to enhance seam binding), and a lower vertical face to provide sufficient material for structural integrity near the roadbed. This shoe performs in a similar manner to the safety edge shoe in that they each utilize both compaction surfaces and troweling/radial force surfaces to enhance compaction. The Center Lane Joint Shoe is designed to accommodate pavement lift heights of 1" to 5".  A note, although the Ramp Champ Series II is reversible, the center lane joint shoe is not. The operator must purchase a left and right shoe to create center lane joints on either side of the paving machine.

Ramp Champ Series II with Safety Edge Shoe: $3,250
Ramp Champ Series II with Center Lane Joint Shoe: $3,450
Additional Safety Edge Shoe: $250
Additional Center Lane Joint Shoe (please specify left or right): $450

The mounting plate attaches to the screed with two 1/2" bolts (which requires two half-inch holes to be either drilled or tapped into the vertical face of the screed).   These mounting plates are designed to fit on nearly any standard screed with a flat vertical face.  Should you have a screed which is not flat, we offer shim sets for $50. Please inquire.

When considering the value of this unit relative to our competition please keep in mind that our unit is reversible.  It works on the left side and right side of the paving machine.  There is no need to purchase two different models. The product also produces a safety edge up to 5" deep and 10" in length. This is an important feature when paving an overlay next to an existing edge drop-off. Also, as seen in the photographs, our model has a gentle curve in the forming surface which creates slightly greater structural integrity (somewhat like an eggshell as strength).  Perhaps most important, our company is dedicated and focused on these products and we provide the customer support so that they will perform their best and create the safest roads possible. We keep inventory in stock and typically ship out the next day.

To learn more about the product specifications, installation and usage please download our user manual (PDF).

To order or receive more information please contact us at 814-422-EDGE (3343) or e-mail us at sales@advantedgepaving.com