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Advant-Edge Paving Receives its Third Patent

The US Patent Office awarded Advant-Edge Paving Equipment a patent on its unique Ramp Champ Series II design which simultaneously translates vertical and radial forces toward the 

compaction of the asphalt edge.  "This design has a number of key benefits for our customers as compared to the other available products on the market," says Gary Mittleman, president 

of the Company.  “We are the only company that offers an edger that can be flipped over to fit on either side of the machine.  We also are the only one to offer detachable shoes (our 

first patent).  This latest patent enables us to meet government specs, vary the angle of the tapered slope and make a lighter unit which means less cost and a lower price for our customers."


Advant-Edge Paving Equipment makes one product and we do it right.

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