In July of 2008 the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued a "Call to Arms" to implement safety technologies utilizing their regional personnel working with state and local transportation agencies. Our aim is to help achieve some of these key safety goals. Our Advant-Edger patent pending product has been designed to meet the standards set by the FHWA Safety Edge Program.

During 2009 our Advant-Edger product was tested in several separate road paving trials by the FHWA and the Institute for Transportation at the Iowa State University. In each case the trial results met or exceeded the expectations of the test parameters. Some of these trials also included the use of "warm mix asphalt" as the paving material.

We are now listed as an approved vendor by all five states that have specified the use of safety edges in their road construction programs. 

Our company will provide special tailor made programs for federal, state and local government agencies to evaluate the performance of our products. Please call us if you are interested in learning more about these programs or about the specific performance of the third party testing.

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