Our original model, The Advant-Edger has been discontinued as of 2014. If you are still using it, we provide technical support and spare parts.

Our newest model, the Ramp Champ Series II has been sold since 2013. With it, you can create either a tapered 30° safety edge or a longitudinal center lane joint. Our patented design creates a radial force as the asphalt is applied thereby yielding a stronger joint.

Our products are designed to meet government specifications for safety edge construction, They attach easily to nearly all screed extensions of standard road paving equipment. They are "reversible" so that the same unit may be attached to either side of the paving machine, thus it is no longer necessary to purchase a right-hand model and a left-hand model. They are also spring-loaded which enables the unit to automatically follow changes in shoulder elevation.

Safety Edges are a proven method to decrease highway accidents and fatalities. The FHWA has been advocating their use for many years. Five state DOTs now specify using safety edges as a condition of paving asphalt roads in their state. Many more states are likely to join this list in the coming months. Advant-Edge Paving Equipment products meet government safety edge specifications.

Longitudinal Center Lane Joints are designed to build better, longer-lasting roads and provide a safe means for traffic to safely transverse the path from an unpaved area to the newly paved lane during road construction periods.  Our patent-pending center lane joint profile creates a large amount of surface area for joining the two lanes. It also contains a longitudinal groove to prevent slippage of the joint as the new pavement is put down adjacent to the existing lane.  Lastly, our joint profile generates a gentle slope that transitions the drop from new to old pavement over a 10-inch horizontal span. This is an important feature with regard to the safety of traffic traveling over the joint prior to paving the adjacent lane.


Ramp Champ Series II with Safety Edge Shoe: $2,500
Ramp Champ Series II with Center Lane Joint Shoe: $2,700
Additional (or replacement) Safety Shoe: $250
Additional Center Lane Joint Shoe: $450

Buyer pays shipping from Albany, New York. Volume discounts available. Please contact our sales department to learn more about these discounts.

o place an order or learn more about our products, call our sales department at 814-422-EDGE (3343) or e-mail us at and include your name, title, company name, telephone number, shipping address, billing address and PO number.